Crookston Music Trip
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Disney World  ----  April 12-17, 2013

Please review the information below in preparation of the Music Trip to Orlando, FL. 

Sat,  April 13th -- CHS Marching Band at Magic Kingdom
Sun, April 14th -- CHS Concert Choir & Orchestra at Downtown Disney

$100 cash back for spending money
Because our travel agency has been able to keep the costs down and didn't charge us a fuel surcharge, all students with balances paid in full will receive $100 cash back for spending money.  Students will receive the cash on the plane after departure, Friday morning.  Students will also receive three extra dining coupons; therfore, will receive three meals a day every day.

Thursday, April 11, students must bring their instruments and suitcases into the auditorium for weighing and inspection according to this schedule:

7:30 am -- Choir students **
Period 1 -- Band students
Period 2 -- Orchestra students **

** Choir and Orchestra students -- please pack concert clothing on top in the suitcase; as you will be asked to open your suitcase and show concert gear to the director.

Reminder -- any liquids brought in ONE carry on need to be 3 oz or less and packed in a quart size zip-lock baggy.  There is no limit to the size of liquids in the suitcase, but the suitcase must be under 40 pounds. 

Friday, April 12, students will report to the CHS auditorium at 6 am.

1 day Sea World ticket and 1 Sea World meal coupon
4 day Disney park hopper ticket, 4 breakfast food court coupons, and 7 meal coupons
1 Character breakfast at Animal Kingdom
1 day/2-park Universal Studios ticket and 1 meal coupon
1 Medieval Times show

Travel Info
Photo ID -- must bring drivers liscense, photo id card, or passport
Medical Release -- will be distributed in April to be completed, signed, and returned
Cell Phones -- check plans for roaming charges, must be charged in rooms each night
Shoes --   comfortable walking shoes, flip-flops are probably not a good idea
Luggage -- 1 personal item such as purse, small bag/backpack
                1 carry on bag up to 45 inches in combined overall dimenstions
                1 checked bag with weight limit 40 lbs

Journals -- will be provided for students to be completed daily and graded.
Homework -- check with teachers on future assignments in order to complete 
                    before leaving on trip.  Students will not have time during trip 
                    to complete homework.

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